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What are Cookies

These are portions of code installed inside the browser (the program you use to surf the Web) that are used to keep track of your preferences and to make this site work better. Some of these cookies may need explicit consent; before continuing, we advise you to listen to the indications of the Privacy Guarantor..

There are different types of cookies, we list below those used on our site.

Technical cookies

We use them for the activities strictly necessary for the operation of the site: these cookies are technical in nature and allow you to keep the user connected while browsing (avoiding that the site requests to connect several times to access the following pages) and remember the selected preferences by the user, such as the language.

Statistical cookies and audience measurement

These cookies help us to understand, through data collected anonymously and aggregated, how users interact with our site by providing information on the sections visited, the time spent on the site, any malfunctions, etc., helping us to improve the experience that we offer visitors. In this site, we use cookies provided by Google Analytics.

How to disable cookies from browsers

  • If you use Internet Explorer: clic on “Tools” then “Internet Options”. On the Privacy tab, move the cursor up to block all cookies or down to allow all cookies, and then click OK.
  • If you use the Firefox browser: go to the “Tools” menu of the browser and select menu “Options” click on “Privacy” tab, uncheck the box “Accept cookie” and click OK.
  • If you use the Safari browser: Select menu “Edit” and select “Preferences”. Click on “Privacy”. Set the setting “cookies Block” on always “and click OK.
  • If you use the Google Chrome browser: Click the Chrome menu in the browser toolbar. Select “Settings”. Click on “Show advanced settings”. In the “Privacy” section, click on “Content settings” button. In the “Cookies”, section select “Do not allow sites to store data” and select “block cookies and third-party site data”, thenk click OK.

If you use any other browser, look in the browser settings for how cookies are managed.